Starting Social Media for your Small Business

If you are starting a small online business and want to use Social Media, this is the blog post for you!

1. Start before you are ready

The minute you decide you are serious about your new online business, get on Social Media and claim your business name. You want to create weeks of hype around your products before your launch date. You can start creating content without any product photos such as “Why I started my business”, “Our Core Values”, “About Me”, “Meet the Team” etc.

Have customers before you even have anything to sell them!

2. Choose your platforms wisely

If your target audience is of a much older generation, you may not want to focus all your efforts on TikTok! Whereas if you have a teen market you would want to focus heavily on TikTok and even SnapChat ( Yes, people do still use it!). You do NOT need to be on every platform and will burn yourself out trying to be. Choose only the platforms that your audience is on, even if that is just one.

3. Find your audience

Make a list of your competing brands and businesses that compliment your brand. Go onto their Social Media accounts and start engaging with their audiences. Go through your competitors ‘Followers List’ and engage with 10 new accounts a day, reply to comments potential customers leave on your competitors posts and even leave comments on your complimentary brands to show support and start building a network.

4. Create unique yet valuable content

At the moment short video content is performing the best on Social Media, even Pinterest has introduced ‘Story Pins’. Therefore you should focus on this medium. Mix unique content with trending ideas and remember to always follow the three E’s, Engaging, Entertaining or Educational content.

5. Show your Face

Now more than ever people are looking for human connection so you need to create this from the beginning with your potential customers. You could answer questions, talk about you and the brand, discuss your core values or even just take people with you on your daily endeavours.

6. Reach Out to Influencers

7. Get reviews

I would suggest giving a small discount to those that review your business or refer a friend to you. This is a great way to get more sales while also building a positive reputation. The first thing people do when deciding whether to buy a product or not is to read the reviews so get them as soon as possible and publicise them!

Remember when starting a business on Social media to set realistic goals. Focus on SMART Goals, these are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goals. Be a strong brand. Setting goals will stop you from getting distracted by vanity metrics. Only focus on numbers that benefit your business and ignore the rest! People with 100 loyal followers will make a hell of a lot more sales than those with 1000 fake followers!

If you need help with your businesses Social Media Presence, don’t hesitate to get in touch below! We specialise in Content Creation and Social Management.

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